Hello, my name is Julia. I recently found out that I’ve been seeing Dr. Linda Foshagen for aesthetic procedures since 2005! Wow, was my response! I really can’t say enough about her talent for using just the right amount of products and just the right placement of those products, enhancing my own natural beauty. I feel I look younger and have less wrinkles since the time I’ve been treated by Dr. Foshagen.
She uses top quality products, is aways friendly and professional and makes me look and feel more beautiful! If you are considering an aesthetic procedure, I believe Dr. Foshagen is the best for the job. Come in and meet her, you’ll be delighted you did!

Good luck and much love!
— Julia

I recently had the pleasure of an appointment with Dr. Linda Foshagen. She had recommended some routine yet extensive lab work for me. The lab analysis was informative and extremely impressive in its detail. The only thing more impressive was the amount of quality time Dr. Foshagen spent with me going over the report, answering any and all questions and making some common sense life style changes. She truly cares for your wellbeing. I’m 67 years of age and this was clearly my best “first class” experience with a medical doctor ever.
— Roy

How often do you here someone say they’re looking forward to a visit with their doctor? That’s how we feel about St. Moritz Medical Center, where Dr. Linda Foshagen provides a haven for her patients. With a wealth of medical experience at her fingertips, she listens with her heart and treats her patients as friends.
— Dick & Felicia

Dr. Foshagen provided me with an exhaustive examination and thorough discussion of both my physical health and my general well being. The quality of the time they spent with me surpassed any medical visit. She listen well and make you feel cared for and included in your health care options and decisions. She are mega smart and excited to share their wealth of knowledge, recommending resources and helpful support across a range of disciplines. I am grateful for this exceptional practice in my community.
— Judy

Dr. Linda Foshagen is someone I have had the pleasure of knowing for almost 20 years as a colleague and friend. What first attracted me to her was her optimistic outlook on life and her mission to practice medicine with compassion and commitment to educate and empower her patients . Her personable spirit and willingness to listen invites a trusting foundation on which to build the patient- practitioner relationship. Her clinical acumen and skill set is stellar and groundbreaking in this ever changing field of medicine. She is dedicated to constantly expand her knowledge bank, integrating traditional with avant-garde practices. The Foothills are extremely fortunate to have someone of Dr. Foshagen’s caliper.
— Marcia Craig-Smith, Psy.D.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Foshagen for the exceptional service I recently received. I went to her for help with improving the appearance of sun damage and dark spots on my face, neck and hands. I was introduced to obagi skin care products which i used for a month prior to having the obagi blue facial peel. The products alone greatly improved the evenness, tone and condition of my skin and the blue peel was truly transformative! She also completed lazer treatment to remove dark spots from my chest and hands and again the results have been wonderful! My hands and forearms especially, look so much improved! I have never used products or treatments of any kind and really did not know what to expect. To be honest, i was a little nervous. But she provided an initial consultation at no charge, explaining the options and helping me to decide the best choice based on my individual skin type and condition. Her obvious knowledge, step by step instructions and description of what to expect was reassuring and made my decision an easy one to choose them for the procedures. Dr Foshagen have been so enthusiastic and supportive and have been such a pleasure to work with! She have also gone a step further in providing preventive instruction by teaching me how to avoid future sun damage. She also have a wonderful community education series that they offer at no charge. I’ve attended one on hormone replacement that was very informative. Their commitment to providing exceptional medical care and education to improve quality of life is such an important contribution to our community. Thank you so much for all that you both do!

I have been a patient of Dr. Linda Foshagen for over 24 years. She has been a beacon of light for me in a very complex medical world. She watched over me as I went through two partial knee replacements, a hand surgery, and, most recently, a back surgery. Every one of these procedures have been complete successes.

All these therapies happened as we both endured gut wrenching changes to her medical practice by other, out of town, faithless healthcare providers.

And, as anyone familiar with orthopedic surgery knows, it is a process involving much more than just the surgery itself. One has to been evaluated and prepared for surgery, be referred to the right surgeon, go through the procedure, and be referred to the best post surgery rebab folks.

Perfectly fulfilling the role of a primary care doctor, Dr.. Linda diagnosed my problems, effectively referred me to the right surgeons and follow up therapists who worked in three different healthcare groups. One cannot overstate the value of her advice and direction.

In just three short months, I will be 70 years old. I can ski, ride my horse, play golf, kayak, bike ride and hike several miles with folks 10 years younger than I am. I can truly say that I am in better physical condition now, than when I was 65 years old, and unable to hike for more than 4 miles and had to walk backwards on the downhill part of that hike because my knees hurt so badly..

In thinking about why I appreciate Dr. Linda so much, I can summarize my feelings by saying I feel very safe in her care. I owe my happy retirement life to her thoughtful and caring vision for my health. She is a diamond in a world filled with a lot of glittering glass.
— Jim

I have been a patient of Dr. Foshagen for over twenty plus years. She has seen me thru the common ailments as well the more serious ones. Her dedication to her patients is nothing short of amazing. It’s not at all uncommon to receive a handwritten note during tough times. Words of encouragement that mean so much. That is why, when I moved 1 1/2 hours away I still travel to see her for all my medical needs. She’s just that good!
— Pat

Dr Foshagen has been providing me with a variety of aesthetic treatments for the past 14 years- her skills are masterful! I’ve received laster treatments, botox and dermal filler with regularity. I’m always immensely satisfied with the results and feel fortunate to have found her for my needs!
— Tina